Map & Alphabetical List of 50 U.S. States

At first they were thirteen ... since 1959, they are fifty ... The fifty states that make up the United States today. United they were in adversity, when people had to fight the British settler. United they were also, while the Civil War opposed their own peoples.United, they still are today, and through their flags, they claim it loud.

Indeed, since Virginia became an independent state in 1607, and since War of Independence led thirteen states to break free from settlers, fifty stars joined the upper left corner of the flag. These refer to a united people, but that kept its different identities. These identities are sometimes references to Indian peoples who occupied the territory of the State, sometimes to european peoples (Britain, but also Spanish, French, Dutch ...) who colonized it. In each flag of States, the past and the present are evoked. This is often the case for the colors used: the former French colonies resumed, without bitterness, blue - white - red flag, states newer and more attached to their Nation feature a blue background symbolizing the national flag . Everywhere, the wealth of the state, strength of its workers, its soldiers, and its patriotism are highlighted.

The flags of U.S. states are often very simple in their forms, but they are a symbolic point of view, always telling stories.

You will discover, through these flags, fifty parts of the United States history, fifty plots, sometimes surprising, sometimes strongly patriots, that make this country one of the largest, most free, and one of most respected in the world.