Missouri State Flag

A flag is often an amalgam of anecdotes that tell the history of a state.

You will find below the description and explanation for the symbols of the flag of Missouri.

The flag of Missouri was adopted September 4, 1913. It is composed of three horizontal stripes: red - white - blue, with the state seal in the center. These colors, which some believe they relate to values ??of justice and purity, are actually those are the French flag, since the Missouri depended of French Louisiana. The seal of Missouri is composed of many symbols. On the central crest, there are the Great Seal of the United states, with the eagle, which symbolizes the membership of the State to the Nation. On the left of the shield appears a grizzly bear and a crescent of moon, symbols of power and novelty. The motto "United we stand, Divided we fall" is also present on the Kentucky flag+ Finally, Missouriís motto is written in lower band : "Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto", which means "well-being of the people as the higher law". Missouri joined the United States on 4 July 1822. Missouri is known as the "Show me State", and its capital is Jefferson City.

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