California State Flag

A flag is often an amalgam of anecdotes that tell the history of a state.

You will find below the description and explanation for the symbols of the flag of California.

The California flag was adopted on 3 February 1911. It is composed of a white background on which is drawn a bear. A red star appears in the canton, and the words "California Republic" are listed under the bear. Finally, a red stripe is drawn down the flag. This flag is also called the "Bear flag" by the Americans, in connection with the "bear flag revolt" of 1846, which liberated the people of California from Mexican occupants, and gave birth to the Republic of California. Bear is linked to the power of Californian opponents, while some believe that the star refers to Texas one, some Texans indeed helped Californians in their fight. The bear that appears on the flag also honors the last grizzly of California, called Monarch, which was taken as a model. This species no longer exists. California joined the United States on 4 July 1851. California is known as the "Golden State", and its capital is Sacramento.

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