New Hampshire State Flag

A flag is often an amalgam of anecdotes that tell the history of a state.

You will find below the description and explanation for the symbols of the flag of New Hampshire.

The flag of New Hampshire was adopted in 1909. It consists of a blue background upon which is drawn the state seal in the center. The blue is very present in the background of American states’ flags, like those of Indiana or Nevada. This color refers indeed to the national flag. The 9 stars located around the seal represent the fact that this is the ninth state to join the United States, or rather to ratify the Constitution, since it is part of the founding states. The boat in the middle would be a reference to Raleigh, a war boat built in 1776, which reflects the power of Portsmouth for shipbuilding. The name “New Hampshire” comes from Hampshire, an English province (main settlers of the territory). New Hampshire has joined the United States on 4 July 1777, at the Declaration of Independence, as a part of the original thirteen states that created the United States. New Hampshire is known as the "Granite State", and its capital is Concord.

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