Maryland State Flag

A flag is often an amalgam of anecdotes that tell the history of a state.

You will find below the description and explanation for the symbols of the flag of Maryland.

The Maryland Flag was adopted November 25, 1904. It is composed of 4 rectangles that meet in the center. The two rectangles in the upper left and lower right are identical to each other, as the ones located on the top right and bottom left. The first type of rectangle is yellow and black, it is based on the flag of the Calvert family. Baron Calvert is indeed at the origin of the creation of the state. He obtained the lands of the king of England while his own land, in Ireland, had been invaded by the French. Another banner used on the flag is a bottony cross. It was obtained by the mother of George Calvert, who made use of the flag, as he recalled that of Colombia, which was absorbed by the Maryland. It was also used by some secessionists to replace the Confederacy’s flag. Maryland has joined the United States on 4 July 1777, at the Declaration of Independence, as a part of the original thirteen states that created the United States. Maryland is known as the "Old Line State", and its capital is Annapolis.

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