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China Flag

The explanation for the symbols of the Chinese Flag

People's Republic of China’s flag is composed of a red background and five five-pointed golden stars in located at the hoist in the upper left corner. While the red colour represents the Chinese Revolution, the five stars evoke the harmony between the people and the Communist party. In July 1949, a competition was held to select a new flag for the Republic of China. Zeng Liansong will send his among the nearly 3,000 proposals received. At the launch of the competition, size specifications have been predefined by the government, and a particular recommendation : the dominant colour of the flag should be bright red. Originally, the proposal Zeng bears the hammer and sickle, communist symbols, in the middle of the main star. The working group receiving proposals finally remove this drawing because of its resemblance to the flag of USSR. By this amendment, Zeng does not immediately understand it has been selected, not recognizing its flag without the hammer and sickle. However, he is summoned by the government, praised for his work, and even receive a monetary reward. Zeng flag fleet for the first time on Tiananmen Square in Beijing on 1 October of the same year, during the celebration of the Republic by Mao Zedong.

National Chinese Flag

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Large Chinese flag

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Flag of China
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  • Full name : People's Republic of China
  • Currency in China : Renminbi (Yuan)
  • Total area : 3,747,879 square miles
  • Capital of China: Beijing
  • Biggest city : Shanghai
  • Main Cities : Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing
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