North Dakota State Flag

A flag is often an amalgam of anecdotes that tell the history of a state.

You will find below the description and explanation for the symbols of the flag of North Dakota.

The flag of North Dakota was adopted on 3 March 1911. It is composed of a blue background on which is drawn an eagle with several symbols. This eagle is the one that is also adopted as a national symbol by the United States. It is then present on the Presidentís flag. The eagle carries an olive branch in its claws, which evokes peace (quite rare on US statesí flags), as arrows represent the defense of the State. In its beak is wore a banner that reads: "E pluribus unum": "unit of manys", which is also a national motto (see the flag of Michigan). Above, we see a sun rising, symbol of the new born state, and thirteen stars, which pays tribute to the thirteen founding states. Finally, a red headband bears the name of the state in the bottom of the flag. North Dakota has joined the United States on 4 July 1890. North Dakota is known as the "Peace Garden State", and its capital is Bismarck.

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