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Welcome to All Flags World

The biggest database of flags on the web

We identified for you more than 270 flags of the world. Countries, organizations, cities, regions, you will find on this site the flag you’re looking for and download it in different definitions (S, M, L, XL) for your personal use.

But that's not all!

We built this site as a great source of information about flags.

On this site you will learn history, design, symbolism, even fights at the origin of the creation of the flag of a state or a city. From its religious origins to its independence symbolic, you’ll know everything about the people who have made the history of the flag. Separatist leaders, supporters of human rights, or otherwise settlers, colours and symbols of flags are often indicative of the mood of the country or the region at that time.

Many of them pay tribute, through their colours, for these men and women who built or liberated the country. Many refer to religious communities and antagonisms present on the land. Other highlight their ideals of freedom or dark periods of their history.

We wanted to tell you these stories.

By visiting this site, you will also have important informations about the country :
size, capital, major cities, or political leaders in place.

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