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Andorra Flag

The explanation for the symbols of the Andorran Flag

The flag of the Principality of Andorra was adopted in 1866. It is composed of three vertical stripes : blue - yellow - red, that strongly remind flags of Romania, Chad or even Macedonia, with a few differences. It is surmounted by the coat of arms of Andorra in its center . The latter is divided into four and refers : top left, the Bishop of Urgell, in the upper right to the Count of Foix, French Co-Prince, at the bottom left to Aragon and Catalonia, and bottom right to the Count of Béarn. These symbols strongly evoke respect to both the surrounding countries: France and Spain.

National Andorran Flag

You can download it in different sizes, in a decidedly modern design for your personal use, or for wider use. Andorra's flag is available in 4 different sizes.

Large Andorran flag

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Flag of Andorra