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Japan Flag

The explanation for the symbols of the Japanese Flag

The flag of Japan is a red circle centered on a white background. Its common name is Hinomaru, which means "solar disk flag". Its use has been related since the thirteenth century, but it only became the national flag of Japan in 1868, after Meijiís revolution. The Emperor then resumed his powers and Japan finally became a great nation. This sequence of events is told in a book by Ernest Satow: A diplomat in Japan. In fact, the arrival of this flag has its origins in the donatation of a solar disk ??by the priest Nichiren to the Emperor, while the Mongols tried to invade the country in the thirteenth century. This symbol will then be established as protective and take its place on the flag. Representations of the solar disk also appears in works of art the following centuries, especially those that evoke a battle. It was finally adopted by law in 1999.

National Japanese Flag

You can download it in different sizes, in a decidedly modern design for your personal use, or for wider use. Japan's flag is available in 4 different sizes.

Large Japanese flag

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Flag of Japan