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Afghanistan Flag

The explanation for the symbols of the Afghan Flag

The flag of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was adopted in 2004. It consists of three vertical stripes : black - red - green and imposes its center the traditional national emblem from the Kingdom of Afghanistan (1930-1973). This emblem, introduced in 1901 by Habibullah Khan, is intermittently present on the flags since 1880. It is composed of a mosque with a mihrab (sanctuary between two columns), all facing Mecca. The colors of the flag symbolize different periods and different states of mind, and then come together to symbolize the suffering and hopes of the people. Black (at the hoist*) is the color of the flag when it is created (Emirate of Afghanistan) in 1880. As with other flags, including the one of Jamaica, black refers to the dark periods of history. Red symbolizes the blood shed by the Afghan warriors for independence. Green (at the wind *) refers to the independence and hope for the future. It is also present in many Arab countries flags to symbolize Islam.

National Afghan Flag

You can download it in different sizes, in a decidedly modern design for your personal use, or for wider use. Afghanistan's flag is available in 4 different sizes.

Large Afghan flag

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Flag of Afghanistan